Stephen Lund, President, Shamrock Specialties

“On behalf of Shamrock Specialties, I want to thank Consumer Specialties Insurance Company for “sticking with us”! The last five years have been difficult, but without the steadfast legal support and emotional encouragement of CSI, Shamrock would no longer exist. In February 2000, Shamrock was served with its first-ever product liability lawsuit. Unfortunately, this lawsuit was only the beginning. By December 2003, we were served with a total of nineteen lawsuits. Fortunately for Shamrock Specialties, we had CSPA and CSI on our team.  The End result of the saga is, as of mid September, 2005, Shamrock Specialties has been dismissed from all lawsuits. CSPA, CSI, and everyone on “the team” have been true to your word — you stayed by our side. THANK YOU!”

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