Crisis Management, Cyber, Network Security:

Coverage enhancements as highlighted below and subject to the following sub-limits of liability (part of total limits)

With applicable retentions:

• Limits: Each Claim Limit $25,000 | Policy Period Aggregate $25,000

• Retentions: Each Claim $5,000 | Policy Period Aggregate $5,000

  1. Crisis Management Expenses Coverage: Amounts incurred for services performed by a public relations firm, crisis management firm or law firm to minimize potential harm generally from the publication, in media, of unfavorable information relating to you, or related to the publication lessening the public confidence in your competence, integrity or viability of you to conduct business.
  2. Network Extortion Coverage:  Amounts paid to a third party to avert, prevent or stop a Network Extortion.  Network Extortion is considered as a credible threat or connected series of credible threats by an individual other than an employee or a Third Party Contractor to commit a Network Attack or disclose Personally Identifiable Information, for the purpose of obtaining payment from you.
  3. Credit Monitoring Coverage: Reimbursement of costs incurred by you for notification to third parties or for credit monitoring services arising from a Breach of Privacy or Breach of Security. 
Disclaimer:  The above description is a presentation to highlight and cannot serve as a substitute for actual insurance contracts.  Further clarification of coverages, conditions and/or exclusions must be obtained from the specific insurance contracts.