CSI Broadening Endorsement:

This incorporates the following coverage enhancements:

    1. Blanket Additional Insureds – Vendors: automatically extends additional insured status for vendors.
    2. Blanket Waiver of Subrogation:  automatically waives CSI’s right to subrogate against another party, if the named insured agrees to waive such rights in a written contract.  The contract must be signed before the injury or damage occurs.
    3. Products Withdrawal Expense — $100,000 limit:  provides coverage for expenses incurred in the withdrawal from the market of the policyholder’s product.   The withdrawal must be a response to a known or suspected defect in the policyholder’s product or to an incident of product tampering.
    4. Employee Benefits Liability Coverage: provides coverage for the employer for an error or omission in the administration of an employee benefit program.  Limits provided are $1,000,000 each employee; $1,000,000 aggregate.
    5. Limited Pollution Liability for a Short Term Pollution Event — $100,000 limit:  the present CSI policy provides Pollution Coverage resulting from a hostile fire and for bodily injury within the products hazard.  This gives additional coverage for on and off-site coverages for third party property damage triggered by pollution.


Disclaimer:  The above description is a presentation to highlight and cannot serve as a substitute for actual insurance contracts.  Further clarification of coverages, conditions and/or exclusions must be obtained from the specific insurance contracts.